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Wood Fence in Jacksonville, FL

A wood fence enhances a property's security, aesthetics, and overall curb appeal. Wooden fences are the most popular fence material in the United States because the material tends to be cheaper than that in other types of fences and because they are easily repaired and installed. Finding replacement panels for wood fences is also easy, in part because wood is so readily available.

In Jacksonville, Silverman Fence can provide any commercial or residential customer with a highly reliable, durable, and attractive wood fence. Jacksonville area residents who want a wooden fence for their residential or commercial properties are all invited to contact us for your free estimate.

Additionally, Silverman Fence is a manufacturer of wooden fences. We carry a huge selection of different types of lumber that can be used for large or small fencing projects. All of our lumber selections come available in numerous fencing styles that are guaranteed to accentuate any property's exterior design or hardscapes.

Another benefit of wooden fences is that they can be painted to match your home. This creates a cohesive yard that increases curb appeal and overall attractiveness. If you want a new wood fence in Jacksonville, contact us today to learn how our fences can enhance your home's security, privacy, and overall curb appeal.

If properly cared for, our Jacksonville wooden fencing can last for 10 to 15 years. However, as wood is an organic material, it is subject to rot, moisture, and other unpreventable damages. Luckily, a wooden fence is easy to repair and replace.

If your wooden fence is damaged, then contact us for repairs. Whether the damage was caused by a careening vehicle, high winds, animals, or a felled tree, rely on our skilled and knowledgeable contractors to quickly and affordably restore your wooden fence.

Wood Privacy Fence in Jacksonville, FL
A wooden privacy fence in Jacksonville does more than just enhance the security of a property. Privacy fences prevent animals such as snakes, stray dogs, and alligators from entering your property. If your property is close to wilderness or water, consider installation of a privacy fence to deter and prevent critters of all sizes from entering your property.

Contact us today for your property's new wooden privacy fence. Jacksonville area residents also qualify for a free estimate!

Wood Fence Installation in Jacksonville, FL
Much like aluminum fences, wooden fences are highly rackable. This means that properties that have hills, uneven coastline, or steep gradients can have wooden fences installed with relative ease.

Silverman Fence installs wood fences throughout the area. Simply contact us today to schedule your wood fence installation in Jacksonville or in any of the surrounding communities.  

Wood Fencing, Wood Fence in Jacksonville & Orange Park, FL
Wood Gate | Wood Fencing in Jacksonville & Orange Park, FL
Silverman Fence can repair and replace existent fences or install new wood fences in Jacksonville
and its surrounding communities, including Orange Park, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach,
Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, Northside, Southside, Westside, Arlington, San Marco,
Riverside, Yulee, Nocatee, Middleburg, and North St. Augustine, FL.